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If you are residing in Delhi for either work or any other purpose or permanent residence in Delhi, then having the contact number of Best Ambulance Services in Delhi always gets you out of medical emergencies.
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So, let’s start-

How many Types of Ambulance Services are Available in Delhi?

Generally, we can categorize two types of Ambulance Services in Delhi:
Government Ambulance Services & Private Ambulance Services

1. Government Ambulances

1. Vehicle Type: Government ambulances are typically well-maintained and standardized vehicles, often adhering to specific regulations and guidelines.
2. Medical Equipment: These ambulances are equipped with essential medical equipment, including stretchers, first aid kits, oxygen cylinders, and basic life support apparatus.
3. Communication Systems: Government ambulances are equipped with reliable communication systems to maintain constant contact with emergency services and hospitals.
4. Qualified Staff: Government ambulances are staffed with trained paramedics and emergency medical technicians capable of providing basic to advanced life support, depending on the ambulance type.


1. Universal Accessibility: Government ambulances are designed to cater to a broad range of medical emergencies, ensuring accessibility to all residents in need of emergency medical care.
2. Public Funding: These ambulances are funded through public resources, ensuring that emergency medical services are available to everyone, regardless of their financial status.
3. Coordinated Response: Government ambulances are part of a coordinated emergency response system, collaborating with hospitals and other healthcare facilities to ensure seamless patient care.

2. Private Ambulances

1. Diverse Fleet: Private ambulance services offer a diverse fleet of vehicles, including basic life support (BLS), advanced life support (ALS), and specialty ambulances such as cardiac and neonatal units.
2. Advanced Medical Equipment: Private ambulances often boast state-of-the-art medical equipment, including cardiac monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, and specialized tools for various medical conditions.
3. Customization: Private ambulance services may allow customization of services based on the specific needs of the patient or client, offering flexibility in terms of medical care and transportation.
4. Quick Response Times: Private ambulances are known for their prompt response times, as they aim to provide swift and efficient emergency medical services.


1. Subscription Services: Some private ambulance services offer subscription plans, allowing individuals or families to avail themselves of emergency medical services with added benefits.
2. Corporate Partnerships: Private ambulance services may establish partnerships with corporate entities, providing medical evacuation and emergency response services for employees.
3. Specialized Care: Private ambulances may specialize in certain medical areas, such as critical care or neonatal transport, offering a niche service for specific medical conditions.

What are Free Ambulance Services in Delhi?

There are two types of free ambulances are available in Delhi. 102 Ambulance and 108 Ambulance services-

102 Ambulance Service

1. Maternal and Child Health Focus:
The 102 ambulance service is specifically designed to cater to the needs of pregnant women and sick infants, providing specialized medical care during transportation.
2. Basic Life Support (BLS): Equipped with basic life support facilities, 102 ambulances carry essential medical equipment and trained paramedics capable of handling obstetric and pediatric emergencies.
3. Government Initiative: Operated as a government initiative, the 102 ambulance service is part of a broader strategy to improve maternal and child healthcare outcomes in Delhi.
4. Timely Transportation: The service emphasizes prompt response and transportation, aiming to reduce delays in reaching healthcare facilities during maternal and child health emergencies.
5. Free of Cost: The 102 ambulance service is offered free of charge to pregnant women and infants, ensuring accessibility to emergency medical assistance regardless of financial constraints.

108 Ambulance Service

1. Comprehensive Emergency Service:
The 108 ambulance service provides comprehensive emergency medical assistance for a wide range of health conditions, ensuring a versatile response to diverse medical emergencies.
2. Advanced Life Support (ALS): Equipped with advanced life support facilities, 108 ambulances carry state-of-the-art medical equipment and trained personnel capable of handling critical emergencies.
3. Public-Private Partnership: The 108 ambulance service often operates as a public-private partnership, leveraging resources from both sectors to enhance the efficiency and coverage of emergency medical services.
4. Emergency Helpline: The service is accessible through a dedicated emergency helpline, allowing individuals to quickly request assistance during medical emergencies.
5. Wide Geographic Coverage: The 108 ambulance service aims to provide widespread coverage across Delhi, ensuring that emergency medical assistance is accessible to residents in urban and rural areas alike.

How to Book Free Ambulance Services in Delhi?

The booking process of Free Ambulances in Delhi can vary for both 102 and 108 Ambulance Services. We have added about both of them below-

For 102 Ambulance Service

1. Contact Helpline: In case of a maternal or child health emergency, individuals can dial the dedicated helpline number for the 102 ambulance service. The helpline is often publicized and well-known to residents.
2. Provide Information: When connected to the helpline, provide essential information such as the nature of the emergency, the condition of the patient (pregnant woman or sick infant), and the location details.
3. Verification: The helpline operator may verify the details provided and assess the urgency of the situation to prioritize the dispatch of the ambulance.
4. Dispatch Confirmation: Once the information is verified, the operator confirms the dispatch of the 102 ambulance to the specified location.
5. Wait for Arrival: Patients or their attendants are advised to wait for the ambulance to arrive. The ambulance, equipped with basic life support facilities, will transport the pregnant woman or sick infant to the nearest healthcare facility.

For 108 Ambulance Service:

1. Dial Emergency Number: To request the 108 ambulance service in Delhi, individuals should dial the emergency number ‘108’ from any mobile or landline phone.
2. Provide Information: When connected, provide essential details about the medical emergency, including the type of medical condition, the location of the patient, and any specific requirements.
3. Assessment by Operator: The call operator assesses the severity of the situation and determines the appropriate level of response, whether basic life support (BLS) or advanced life support (ALS) is required.
4. Dispatch Confirmation: Upon assessment, the operator confirms the dispatch of the 108 ambulance to the provided location.
5. Wait for Assistance: Once the ambulance is dispatched, individuals should wait for its arrival. The 108 ambulances, equipped with advanced medical facilities, will provide timely and comprehensive emergency medical assistance.


In conclusion, the free ambulance services in Delhi, exemplified by the 102 and 108 initiatives, stand as vital pillars in the city’s healthcare infrastructure.

These services, addressing maternal and child health needs as well as offering comprehensive emergency assistance, embody the commitment of both government and public-private partnerships to ensure accessible and timely medical care.

The streamlined processes for booking these services reflect an earnest effort to provide swift responses during critical situations.

Together, these ambulance services contribute significantly to enhancing the overall emergency medical response system, underscoring Delhi’s dedication to safeguarding the health and well-being of its residents.


1. What is the difference between 102 and 108 ambulance services in Delhi?

Answer: The primary difference lies in their focus and scope. The 102 ambulance service is specifically designed for maternal and child health needs, offering assistance to pregnant women and sick infants.

On the other hand, the 108 ambulance service provides comprehensive emergency medical assistance for a wide range of health conditions, catering to diverse medical emergencies.

2. Which is considered the best free ambulance service in Delhi?

Answer: Determining the best service depends on the specific medical needs. The 108 ambulance service is often considered more versatile as it caters to a broader range of emergencies, including advanced life support.
However, the 102 ambulance service excels in addressing maternal and child health concerns.

3. Can you provide a list of free ambulance services in Delhi?

Answer: Some notable free ambulance services in Delhi include the 102 ambulance service, which focuses on maternal and child health, and the 108 ambulance service, offering comprehensive emergency medical assistance.

    Additionally, government and private ambulance services contribute to Delhi’s extensive emergency response system.

    4. How can I book free ambulance services in Delhi?

    Answer: To book the 102 ambulance service, dial the dedicated helpline for maternal and child health emergencies.

    For the 108 ambulance service, dial the emergency number 108 and provide essential details about the medical emergency. Both services dispatch ambulances promptly upon verification.

      5. Are there any specific steps to follow when booking free ambulance services in Delhi?

      Answer: Yes, when booking the 102 ambulance service, provide details about the maternal or child health emergency to the helpline operator. For the 108 ambulance service, dial 108, provide information about the medical condition, and wait for the operator to assess the situation.

      In both cases, confirmation of dispatch and waiting for the ambulance’s arrival are crucial steps in accessing free emergency medical assistance in Delhi.

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