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Quality Care, Affordable Choice: GoAid’s Best Price Ordinary Ambulance Service

In medical emergencies, GoAid offers the Best Price Ordinary Ambulance Service, combining professional care with budget-friendly solutions. We recognize the urgency of prompt medical attention, while also understanding your financial concerns. With our service, you don’t need to compromise on quality care due to cost constraints.

Expect swift response, skilled medical personnel, and expert transport, all at a price that respects your budget. GoAid’s commitment to excellence extends to ensuring accessible medical solutions, ensuring that everyone can access the care they need. Trust us to prioritize your well-being, delivering top-notch ordinary ambulance services that provide reassurance and affordability in critical times.

Types of Ambulance GoAid Provide

Accessible Ordinary Ambulance Services: An Integral Part of GoAid’s Ambulance Solutions in India

Among GoAid’s comprehensive range of ambulance services, our ordinary ambulance service holds a vital place. Designed to address everyday medical needs, our ordinary ambulances provide swift and efficient transportation for patients requiring medical assistance.

With our extensive network covering various regions in India, including major cities, GoAid ensures that ordinary ambulance services are accessible whenever and wherever they are needed. Our commitment to excellence remains consistent across all ambulance types, guaranteeing quality medical care and prompt response times.

Why Choose GoAid for an Ordinary Ambulance

Choose GoAid for an ordinary ambulance service that ensures swift response, expert care, and affordability. Your well-being is our priority.

6 Reasons to Choose GoAid for an Ordinary Ambulance:

Rapid Response

GoAid's prompt arrival guarantees timely assistance during medical emergencies, prioritizing patient well-being.

Skilled Medical Personnel

Our experienced professionals offer top-notch medical care throughout the journey, ensuring patient safety.

Affordable Excellence

GoAid combines quality service with budget-friendly rates, making urgent medical transportation accessible to all.

Comprehensive Coverage

With our widespread presence, including major cities, you can rely on GoAid's ordinary ambulance service across India.

User-Friendly Booking

Seamless reservations via our app or customer helpline ensure quick access to essential medical transport.

Reliability Assured

Count on GoAid's consistent track record for timely and dependable ordinary ambulance service, providing peace of mind in critical situations.

Affordable ambulance Service near me

Explore GoAid’s Affordable Ambulance Service Near Me for swift and budget-friendly medical transportation. Our services encompass a range of ambulance options, including normal ambulance, air ambulance, and dead body freezer ambulance. With a focus on affordability, we provide expert care, 24/7 availability, and a wide service area covering cities like Jaipur, Hisar, Patna, Gurugram, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Whether it’s ICU ventilator ambulance or routine transport, GoAid prioritizes patient well-being while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Count on us to be your reliable partner, ensuring that quality medical assistance is accessible when and where you need it, without financial strain.

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What is an Ordinary Ambulance?

An ordinary ambulance is a standard medical vehicle designed for transporting patients in non-life-threatening conditions. Equipped with basic medical supplies and staffed by paramedics, it serves as a vital link between medical facilities and patients requiring routine care.

24/7 Emergency Ambulance Services

Discover GoAid’s comprehensive 24/7 Emergency Ambulance Services. In times of urgency, we offer swift and reliable medical transportation. Our dedicated teams and equipped vehicles ensure prompt response and expert care. With a commitment to patient well-being, our services cater to diverse medical needs, prioritizing safety and comfort during transit.

Count on GoAid for dependable and compassionate solutions, available around the clock to address urgent medical situations, providing reassurance that your health is our top priority, anytime, anywhere.

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We Offered Ambulance Services to Hospitals

Ck Birla

CK Birla Hospital

Monilek Hospital

Monilek Hospital

NAV Imperial Hospital

NAV Imperial Hospital

GVK EMRI Hospital

GVK Emri Hospital

Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospital

Medanta Medicity Hospital

Medanta Hospital

Features of GoAid Ambulance Services

Explore the Comprehensive Features of GoAid Ambulance Services, including Normal, ICU Ventilator, Dead Body Freezer, and Air Ambulance options. Affordable, reliable, and compassionate solutions are available in cities like Jaipur, Hisar, Patna, Gurugram, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Features of GoAid Ambulance Services-

Diverse Ambulance Options

Normal, ICU Ventilator, Dead Body Freezer, and Air Ambulance services cater to varying medical needs.

24/7 Availability

Round-the-clock service ensures timely response during emergencies.

Experienced Medical Teams

Skilled paramedics and medical professionals guarantee expert care.

Advanced Medical Equipment

Equipped ambulances facilitate critical care during transit.

Compassionate Support

Respectful handling and empathetic assistance for patients and families.


Budget-friendly rates without compromising on quality healthcare solutions.

Locations We Provide Our Ambulance Services in India

Our Prices for Different Ambulance Services

Types of AmbulancePrice
Normal ambulance560-720
ICU ambulance2200-2900
oxygen Ambulance610-800
Dead Body Mortury Van / Transfer580-750
Dead Body Freezer Box on Rent2000-2900
Train ambulance3100-6250
Air Ambulance45000-900000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding ambulance services online is easy with GoAid. Visit our website or download our app. Input your location and requirements, then select from a range of ambulance options. Alternatively, call our customer care for personalized assistance in booking the right ambulance for your needs.

The cost of an ambulance in India varies based on factors like distance, type of ambulance, and additional medical services needed. GoAid offers transparent and competitive pricing for its ambulance services, ensuring quality care without financial stress during emergencies.

Ambulance NamePrice
Normal ambulance560-720
ICU ambulance2200-2900
oxygen Ambulance610-800
Dead Body Mortury Van / Transfer580-750
Dead Body Freezer Box on Rent2000-2900
Train ambulance3100-6250
Air Ambulance45000-900000

GoAid offers a comprehensive range of ambulance services to cater to diverse medical needs. Our services include normal ambulances, air ambulances, ICU ventilator ambulances, dead body freezer ambulances, and more, ensuring appropriate care and transport for various situations.

Choosing an ambulance near you is effortless with GoAid. Use our app or website to enter your location, and you’ll receive a list of available ambulance options nearby. Our user-friendly interface also allows you to filter by ambulance type, ensuring you find the most suitable service quickly.

An ordinary ambulance, also known as a basic life support ambulance, provides essential medical care and transportation for patients. It’s equipped to handle non-critical cases and emergencies. GoAid’s ordinary ambulance service ensures timely and safe transport to medical facilities, ensuring patients receive the care they need.