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Still looking for the Best Ambulance Service in Patna? Now you don’t need to explore more option. GoAid is here. GoAid Ambulance provides Best and & Affordable Ambulance Services in Patna. Book Your Ambulance Now!

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Best Ambulance Services In Patna

We are recognized as the best ambulance service in Patna. Our commitment to GoAid Ambulance Service sets us apart. With a swift response time of just 10 minutes, our services ensure prompt assistance during emergencies. Our team comprises professional paramedics, guaranteeing the highest standard of medical care. 

We take pride in offering a diverse range of ambulance services, including air ambulance, ICU ambulance, oxygen ambulance, and more. Notably, our private ambulances are not only efficient but also affordable. At GoAid Ambulance Service, our reputation as the top ambulance service in Patna is built on speed, professionalism, comprehensive services, and budget-friendly options.

For emergency assistance, call our ambulance number in Patna or use our convenient mobile app.

How to Book 24 hours Ambulance Services in Patna

Booking 24-hour ambulance services in Patna is effortless with multiple options available. For government ambulance services, a simple call to 108 or 102 ensures quick assistance. Alternatively, to secure the most affordable private ambulance, dial 8008280020

The convenience extends to the GoAid Ambulance Booking App, allowing users to book ambulances with ease. Moreover, patrons can take advantage of exclusive schemes through the app, providing opportunities for free ambulance services in Patna. In times of urgency, locating an ambulance service near me becomes stress-free with these accessible and efficient booking avenues.

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Types Of Ambulance Services In Patna Go Aid Provides

GoAid Ambulance Service in Patna takes pride in offering a comprehensive array of ambulance services to cater to diverse medical needs. Our services encompass Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), normal ambulances, advance ambulances, air ambulances, ICU ventilator ambulances, dead body ambulances, freezer box ambulances, freezer box on rent, surgical ambulances, train ambulances, and more. 

This extensive range ensures that we can meet various requirements, providing timely and appropriate medical assistance. As leading ambulance service providers in Patna, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality and specialized services to address the unique healthcare needs of our community.

Emergency Ambulance Services In Patna

24 Hours Ambulance Services

For unparalleled emergency ambulance services in Patna, look no further than GoAid Ambulance Service. We excel in providing the best-in-class emergency medical services across all areas of Patna. Whether you find yourself in the heart of the city or its outskirts, our extensive coverage ensures that your emergency is promptly attended to. Simply book our ambulance, and we guarantee to be at your location within 10 minutes.

Our commitment to comprehensive emergency care is evident in the diverse range of ambulance services we offer. From normal ambulance services to advanced options such as air ambulances, train ambulances, freezer box ambulances, dead body transport, mortuary vans, ALS, BLS, and more – GoAid Ambulance Service is your trusted partner during critical moments in Patna.

24 Hours Ambulance Service in Patna

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with our 24 hours ambulance service in Patna. At GoAid Ambulance Service, we are committed to providing round-the-clock assistance, ensuring that help is just a call away whenever you need it. 

Our 24/7 ambulance service in Patna is designed to cater to emergencies without any time constraints. No matter when you require our services, day or night, we are ready and waiting for your call. 

Trust us to be your reliable partner during critical moments, ensuring prompt and efficient ambulance services near you whenever the need arises. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and our dedicated team is always at your service.

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Ambulance Helpline Number in Patna

In times of medical emergencies, swift action is crucial. Dial our dedicated Ambulance Helpline Number in Patna, 8008280020, for immediate and reliable emergency ambulance services. This single number streamlines the process, allowing you to book any of our ambulance services effortlessly. 

Serving as the best medical emergency helpline number in Patna, our helpline operates around the clock, ensuring that assistance is just a call away whenever you need it. Trust this helpline number to connect you with our experienced and responsive team, dedicated to providing timely and efficient ambulance services to the residents of Patna during critical situations. 

Your well-being is our priority, and our helpline is here to offer the support you need.

Features and Benefits Of GoAid Ambulance In Patna

GoAid Ambulance in Patna stands out with a multitude of features and benefits. Experience lightning-fast ambulance services with our user-friendly platform, allowing you to book an ambulance in just 30 seconds. 

Our commitment to prompt response is evident as we reach your location within 10 minutes, ensuring swift assistance during emergencies. With coverage spanning across the entire Patna, GoAid Ambulance guarantees comprehensive services wherever you are. We take pride in providing the most affordable private ambulance services, ensuring accessibility for all. 

Our fleet boasts the best quality and hygiene standards, including skilled drivers to ensure a safe journey. Choose GoAid Ambulance for a seamless and reliable emergency medical service experience with unmatched speed, affordability, and quality.

Why Choose GoAid for Ambulance Services?

24 hours ambulance service in patna

Choose GoAid Ambulance Services for the best ambulance service in Patna. Our private ambulance services are designed to prioritize your well-being. By choosing GoAid, customers benefit from a seamless experience, including swift response times, reaching your location in just 10 minutes. 

We provide extensive coverage, ensuring accessibility no matter where you are in Patna. With a commitment to affordability, our services cater to diverse needs. Booking an ambulance with GoAid guarantees top-notch quality, hygiene, and skilled drivers for a safe journey. 

You can trust us for amazing emergency medical services near you, and experience the peace of mind that comes with choosing the finest ambulance services in Patna.

I Need A Fast Ambulance In Patna

Do you need the best and fastest ambulance services in Patna and searching ‘I need a fast ambulance in Patna?’ then, no need to worry now, we are here to provide you fastest ambulance services on the road ever. 

We specialize in ICU ambulance services and air ambulance services, ensuring the highest level of medical care during critical moments. Renowned as the fastest ambulance service in India, we guarantee to reach your location within just 10 minutes of booking. 

Whether you require immediate medical attention or swift transport, booking our services is easy. Simply dial our helpline number or use our user-friendly app to secure the fastest and most efficient ambulance services in Patna during your time of need.

Choose The Best Ambulance Service Near Me

When it comes to choosing the best ambulance service near you in Patna, make the right decision by opting for GoAid Ambulance Services. While numerous ambulances roam the city, selecting the best service provider is crucial. 

We are recognized as the premier ambulance service provider in Patna. We stand out for our commitment to excellence and reliability. Trust us to deliver the highest standard of emergency medical services. 

For immediate assistance, simply dial our ambulance number in Patna, 8008280020. Choose GoAid Ambulance Services and experience unparalleled quality and promptness in critical situations, making us the top choice for the best ambulance service near you.

Affordable Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service Cost In Patna

In Patna, we are renowned as the best private & affordable ambulance services. This is also the reason why we are the first choice of the people of Patna. Want to know about our prices? Have a look at our price list below-

Types of AmbulancePrice
Normal ambulance560-720
ICU ambulance2200-2900
oxygen Ambulance610-800
Dead Body Mortury Van / Transfer580-750
Dead Body Freezer Box on Rent2000-2900
Train ambulance3100-6250
Air Ambulance45000-900000

Ambulance we offer to Patna hospitals

In Patna, we are also extending our services to the best hospitals in Patna. Want to know the names of those hospitals to which we extend our services? Just have a look below-

What is GoAid Ambulance Service Patna?

GoAid Ambulance Service in Patna is a leading provider of emergency medical assistance, offering a diverse range of ambulance services. Recognized for its swift response, GoAid ensures prompt assistance during critical moments, reaching the location within 10 minutes. 

Covering the entirety of Patna, their services include Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), air ambulance, ICU ambulance, dead body ambulance, and more. 

GoAid stands out as the preferred choice for reliable and affordable ambulance services in Patna, equipped with a professional team, user-friendly booking options, and a commitment to ensuring the well-being of individuals during medical emergencies.

We Serve in Patna’s Location

If you are residing in Patna, we can reach you in just 10 minutes of booking our ambulances. We have covered Patna City Entirely with our best ambulance services in Patna. Want to know more about our services, just have a look at our list of locations below-

Goaid’s ambulance service in Patna’s places like


Locations We Provide Our Ambulance Services in India

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Our Ambulance Service Prices Patna To Different Cities:

Sno.PatnaDistanceApprox Cost
1Ambulance Service Patna To Muzaffarapur71.6km2000-2300
2Ambulance Service Patna To Darbhanga139.3km2700-3300
3Ambulance Service Patna To Bihar Sharif69.6km2000-2200
4Ambulance Service Patna To Arrah53.1km1700-2000
5Ambulance Service Patna To Gaya99.4km2200-2500
6Ambulance Service Patna To Sasaram150.8km2500-3200
7Ambulance Service Patna To Purnia303.2km6000-7000
8Ambulance Service Patna To Buxar126.9km3000-3500
9Ambulance Service Patna To Katihar303.2km6000-7000
10Ambulance Service Patna To Chapra71.3km2000-2200
11Ambulance Service Patna To Betthiah193.9km3000-3500
12Ambulance Service Patna To Bhagalpur256.2km5500-6000
13Ambulance Service Patna To Samastipur86.7km2000-2300
14Ambulance Service Patna To Siwan132.2km2700-3000
15Ambulance Service Patna To Begusarai127km2800-3400
16Ambulance Service Patna To Saharsa236km5000-5500
17Ambulance Service Patna To Hajipur20.1km1000-1200
18Ambulance Service Patna To Munger182.8km3000-3500
19Ambulance Service Patna To Kisganganj379.7km7000-8000
20Ambulance Service Patna To Bagaha258.6km5500-6500
21Ambulance Service Patna To Moithari152.2km3500-4500
22Ambulance Service Patna To Nalanda80.7km2000-2300
23Ambulance Service Patna To Sitamahri135km3000-3700
24Ambulance Service Patna To Nawada108.1km3000-3700
25Ambulance Service Patna To Jehanabad48.3km1800-2000
26Ambulance Service Patna To Madhubani172.5km3700-4000
27Ambulance Service Patna To Patalipur11.3km600-800
28Ambulance Service Patna To Lakhisarai136.4km3000-3700
29Ambulance Service Patna To Gopalganj141.9km3000-3700
30Ambulance Service Patna To Jagdishpur87.7km2200-2500
31Ambulance Service Patna To Jamui166km3500-4200
32Ambulance Service Patna To Sheikhpur117.7km2700-3500
33Ambulance Service Patna To Khagaria170km3500-4200
34Ambulance Service Patna To Banka253.6km5500-6500
35Ambulance Service Patna To Araria320.4km7000-8000
36Ambulance Service Patna To Supaul253.5km4500-5500
37Ambulance Service Patna To Dighwara43.6km1800-2000
38Ambulance Service Patna To Bhabua201.1km4000-4500
39Ambulance Service Patna To Madhepura202.6km4000-4500
40Ambulance Service Patna To Mehsi111.3km3000-3500
41Ambulance Service Patna To Murliganj269.3km5500-6200
42Ambulance Service Patna To Amarpur65.9km2000-2200
43Ambulance Service Patna To Belsand124km2500-3000
44Ambulance Service Patna To Naubatpur23km1200-1500
45Ambulance Service Patna To Birpur275.4km5500-6200
46Ambulance Service Patna To Teghra128.8km3000-3200
47Ambulance Service Patna To Delhi1055.4km18000-20000
48Ambulance Service Patna To Lucknow502.3km8000-10000
49Ambulance Service Patna To Kolkata577.7km8000-10000
50Ambulance Service Patna To West Bengal504.9km8000-10000
51Ambulance Service Patna To Ranchi333.3km7000-8000
52Ambulance Service Patna To Jamshedpur446.8km8000-9000
53Ambulance Service Patna To Tatanagar450km8000-9000
54Ambulance Service Patna To Mumbai1750.8km25000-30000
55Ambulance Service Patna To Bangalore2072.7km30000-32000
56Ambulance Service Patna To Varanasi256.3km5500-6500
57Ambulance Service Patna To Prayagraj373.8km7000-8000
58Ambulance Service Patna To Dhanbad313.3km7000-8000
59Ambulance Service Patna To Nepal327km7000-8000
60Ambulance Service Patna To Kathmandu337.9km7000-8000
61Ambulance Service Patna To Darjeeling504.4km8000-10000
62Ambulance Service Patna To Bhopal1016km18000-20000

Frequently Asked Questions

In Patna, a range of ambulance services is available, including Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), air ambulance, ICU ambulance, dead body ambulance, and more.

To contact ambulance services in Patna, you can either dial their helpline number, such as GoAid Ambulance Services at 8008280020 or conveniently use their dedicated ambulance booking mobile app.

Toll-free numbers for ambulance services in Patna may include emergency helpline numbers like 108 or 102 for government services. Private services like GoAid Ambulance can be contacted at their non-toll-free number 8008280020.

Ambulance charges in Patna vary depending on the type of service required. Government-approved charges may apply, and private providers like GoAid Ambulance often offer transparent and competitive pricing.

The time it takes for an ambulance to reach your location in Patna depends on various factors. Services like GoAid Ambulance, however, pride themselves on reaching within 10 minutes of booking.

The difference lies in urgency. Regular ambulances are equipped for emergencies, while non-emergency ambulances are suitable for situations that do not require immediate medical attention.

Benefits of ambulance service in Patna include prompt response times, diverse ambulance options, government-approved charges, easy booking through a helpline number or mobile app, and comprehensive coverage across Patna.

In many cases, yes. However, it’s essential to communicate your preferred hospital to the ambulance service. Private services like GoAid Ambulance strive to accommodate such preferences whenever possible.

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