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We are India’s Top Rates Ambulance Service and dedicated to providing Jaipur with the Best Ambulance Services Specialized for the Needs.

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GoAid Ambulance Service is a beacon of rapid response and comprehensive care. With an astonishing 10-minute response time, we stand committed to your safety. We are Operating India’s  major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Patna, Hisar, Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata and more. Our inter-state services break boundaries. From normal ambulances to specialized units like air ambulances service, dead body mortury van ambulance service, dead body freezer box on rent, oxygen ambulance service,  and ICU ventilator ambulance services GoAid is your trusted partner in health emergencies in India. Your well-being is our top priority. We are ensuring swift and reliable care when you need it most.

Normal Ambulance Services

In India, GoAid’s Normal Ambulance Service ensures swift and reliable transportation during medical emergencies. Our fleets are equipped with trained personnel and essential medical equipment. We are guaranteeing the safe and timely transit to healthcare facilities in India. Your well-being is our prima-priority. With GoAid’s Normal Ambulance services, you can trust us to provide efficient and compassionate emergency medical services when you need them the most.

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Oxygen Ambulance Services

Oxygen Ambulance Services

GoAid’s Oxygen Ambulance Service is serving in major cities of India & also providing inter state services including Jaipur, Mumbai, Patna, Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and many more. Tailored for critical situations, our fleet is equipped with advanced life-saving technology, offering a vital supply of oxygen during transit to all Indians. Meticulously trained professionals ensure a seamless experience, prioritizing patient well-being. Whether it’s a short distance or an inter-state transfer, GoAid stands as your dependable partner for critical care transportation. 

ICU Ambulance Services

ICU Ambulance Services redefine emergency medical care with state-of-the-art Intensive Care Units on wheels. Our specialized fleet is staffed with highly trained medical professionals, ensuring advanced critical care during transit. Equipped with ventilators, monitors, and life-saving equipment, GoAid’s ICU Ambulance guarantees the highest level of care for patients in critical conditions. Whether it’s inter-city or inter-state in India, trust GoAid to provide a mobile ICU Ambulance that brings the hospital to you. 

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Dead Body ambulance Mortuary Van

Dead Body Mortury Van

In somber times, Dead Body Mortuary Van stands as a symbol of respect and compassion in Jaipur, Mumbai, Patna, Delhi, gurugram, Noida  as well as in Entire India. Our service ensures dignified transportation for departed loved ones, providing a solemn journey with utmost care. We are aware of your love & emotions toward your loved-ones. You can Trust GoAid to handle the logistics with empathy. This will allow you to focus on the emotional aspects of bidding farewell in India. 

Dead Body Freezer Box on Rent

During challenging moments, GoAid offers a solution with our Dead Body Freezer Box on Rent service. Providing a temporary yet secure preservation option, we understand the importance of preserving memories with dignity. Rent dead body freezer box on hire with confidence, knowing that GoAid is dedicated to assisting you through difficult times with professionalism and care. 

Dead Body Freezer Box on Rent
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Air Ambulance Services

When time is of the essence, Air Ambulance Services take healthcare to new heights. Our swift and efficient medical evacuations ensure critical patients receive the care they need, even across vast distances. With a dedicated medical team on board, trust GoAid for safe and prompt air transport during emergencies. Your well-being knows no boundaries with GoAid. 

Ambulance Services We Offer To India's Best Hospitals

GoAid Ambulance Services proudly extends a lifeline to India’s leading hospitals. Our commitment to prompt and reliable emergency transportation ensures a seamless bridge to esteemed healthcare institutions. With advanced ambulances and a skilled team, GoAid stands at the forefront, connecting you to the best medical care in India.

Ck Birla

CK Birla Hospital

Monilek Hospital

Monilek Hospital

NAV Imperial Hospital

NAV Imperial Hospital

GVK EMRI Hospital

GVK Emri Hospital

Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospital

Medanta Medicity Hospital

Medanta Hospital

APEX Hospitals

Apex Hospital

amar jain hospital

Monilek Hospital

liberty hospital

Liberty Hospital

sevayatan hospital

Sevayatan Hospital

somani hospital

Somani Hospital

surya hospital

Surya Hospital

Cost of Ambulance Services, For All Services

GoAid is offering Affordable Excellence in Every Emergency. We believe quality healthcare should be accessible to all. Our transparent and reasonable pricing ensures that critical ambulance services, including a range of specialized offerings, remain affordable. 

Ambulance ServicesKilometer ChargesNormal Appx. cost
Normal Ambulance Services10kmRs. 499 to 1499
Oxygen Ambulance Services11kmRs. 599 to 1999
ICU Ambulance Services30kmRs. 2299 to 3299
Dead Body Ambulance Services10kmRs. 499 to 1499
Dead Dody Freezer Box on Rent2700-4000
Air Ambulance ServiceCall for Price

Locations We Provide Our Ambulance Services in India

GoAid is offering Nationwide Support When You Need It Most. Our ambulance services extend across India, covering major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Faridabad, Hisar, Patna, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Noida, gurgaon and more. From bustling urban centers to remote areas, GoAid is dedicated to being your reliable health partner wherever you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ambulance services are crucial in emergencies like accidents, medical crises, childbirth, and any situation where swift medical attention is required.

GoAid offers various services, including normal ambulances, air ambulances, ICU ventilator ambulances, and more. Contact us for details in your location.

Cancellation charges may apply, depending on the circumstances. Please refer to our cancellation policy or contact our helpline for clarification.

Ambulances are equipped with life-saving tools like defibrillators, oxygen tanks, monitors, stretchers, and basic medical supplies.

Yes, GoAid provides AC ambulances, ensuring patient comfort during transportation.

Dial our helpline at +91- 8008280020, +91-9015908908 and our dedicated team will assist you in booking the required ambulance service.

Yes, GoAid now offers inter-state ambulance services, facilitating medical transportation across cities and states.

Absolutely, you can specify the destination hospital, and our team will strive to accommodate your preference, ensuring a direct route.

GoAid boasts an average response time of 10 minutes, ensuring swift arrival in emergencies.

GoAid Ambulance Service is available in major cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Faridabad, Hisar, Pune, Patna, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and more. However, we have listed names of all cities on our website.

The cost varies based on the type of service required. Contact our helpline for detailed pricing information.

Ambulance ServicesKilometer ChargesApproximate cost
Normal Ambulance Services10kmRs. 499 to 1499
Oxygen Ambulance Services11kmRs. 599 to 1999
ICU Ambulance Services30kmRs. 2299 to 3299
Dead Body Ambulance Services10kmRs. 499 to 1499
Dead Dody Freezer Box on Rent2700-4000
Air Ambulance ServiceCall for Price

GoAid is dedicated to delivering top-notch ambulance services, prioritizing speed, safety, and patient care, making us a trusted choice in India.