Who Started the 108 Ambulance Service in India

Who Started the 108 Ambulance Service in India

Welcome to GoAid! In India, for a long time, people have required public health transportation services for concessional rates. Then 108 Ambulance Service in India Entered as a key player for it. Knowing about 108 Ambulance Service in India is crucial for those who want to know about a government-supported or government-provided emergency ambulance service in India.

If you are also here to know about 108 Ambulance Service in India or their origin like who started the 108 Ambulance Service in India, then in this blog, we have added all details about this query. Also, we have added complete details about the objectives, features, functions, and other details of 108 Ambulance Service in India.

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What is 108 Ambulance Service in India?

The 108 Ambulance Service in India is a nationwide emergency ambulance service. This Government response initiative provides swift medical assistance. This ambulance service is launched to enhance pre-hospital care. This also offers a toll-free emergency number, 108 & connects callers to trained professionals. 

These ambulances are equipped with life-saving equipment. With it, this ensures rapid response and timely transportation to medical facilities. The service plays a crucial role in saving lives by addressing emergencies such as accidents, medical crises, and other critical situations across the country.

Who Started 108 Ambulance Service in India?

The 108 Ambulance Service in India was initiated by the Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI). This is a non-profit organization. This institution was founded by entrepreneur Satyam Babu Kandula in 2005. The EMRI collaborated with state governments to establish the service. 

The aim of this launch was to provide a Prompt, Free, and Efficient emergency response system. This ensures timely medical assistance to those in need. The 108 Ambulance Service has since become a vital component of India’s emergency healthcare infrastructure.

History of 108 Ambulance Service in India

We can understand the history of this ambulance service by the following points:

1. Initiation and Launch (2005)

The 108 Ambulance Service was launched in 2005 as an initiative of the Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI). Satyam Ramalingaraju and his family played an important role in its establishment.

2. Integration of Emergency Services

This ambulance service was targeted to integrate with the existing emergency services (100 for police, 101 for fire, and 102 for ambulance). Ramalingaraju integrates these services under the umbrella of 108. This showcased a more inclusive emergency response system.

3. Contributors and Designers

G Venkata Krishna Reddy emerged as a significant contributor to the implementation of integrated emergency services. Dr. A.P. Ranga Rao designed the 108 EMRI service.

4. Parallel Initiatives

Alongside 108, the Central government initiated the Referential Transport System. This was initiated under the National Rural Health Mission. In Andhra Pradesh, this system operated through different NGOs as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

5. Expansion and Nationwide Implementation

This nationwide implementation has seen the success of the PPP model in Bihar. The Referential Transport System was slowly implemented across the country. In Andhra Pradesh, an MOU was signed by the late Chief Minister Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy in 2007.

6. Adaptation of 102 Emergency Service

The previously existing 102 emergency service was repurposed mainly for pregnancy-related emergencies. That reflected a strategic shift in emergency medical services.

Objectives of 108 Ambulance Service in India

We can understand the objective of 108 Ambulance Services in India by the following points-

  • To provide Swift Emergency Response
  • To get a complete Integration with all Emergency Services
  • To provide Life-Saving Interventions
  • A Nationwide Coverage
  • To provide a Centralized Toll-Free Number (108) to people
  • To follow the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Model
  • For Efficient Resource Utilization
  • For Comprehensive Pre-Hospital Care
  • To Utilize Central Government Funds in the best manner
  • Contribution to Healthcare Infrastructure

Features of 108 Ambulance Service in India

These are a few features of the 108 Ambulance Services in India-

1. Quick Response Time
2. 24/7 Availability
3. Well-equipped ambulances
4. Trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
5. Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) Services
6. Centralized Dispatch System
7. GPS Tracking for Real-Time Location
8. Toll-Free Helpline (108)
9. Integration with Hospitals
10. Emergency Medical Assistance Across Various Situations

Benefits of 108 Ambulance Service in India:

These are the few benefits of having the 108 ambulance service in India-

1. Life-saving Interventions: After using the 108 Ambulance service in India, people will get timely responses and immediate medical care.

2. Accessibility: The 108 Ambulance ensures access to emergency medical services in both urban and remote areas.

3. Coordinated Emergency Response: The integration of emergency services leads to a more coordinated and efficient response to emergencies.

4. Reduced Mortality Rates: After using the 108 Ambulance service in India, people will get swift transportation and pre-hospital care. That significantly reduces mortality rates for patients in need of urgent medical attention.

5. Nationwide Reach: 108 ambulances provide comprehensive coverage across the country. This ensures emergency services are available in various regions.

6. Public Awareness: The centralized toll-free number (108) increases public awareness and facilitates easy access to emergency services.

7. Resource Optimization: This 108 Ambulance utilizes a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model to optimize resources. This also enhances the effectiveness of emergency medical services.

Other Emergency Helpline Numbers in India

Helpline ServiceHelpline Number
Women Helpline1091
Women Helpline for Domestic Abuse181
Air Ambulance9540161344
AIDS Helpline1097
Anti Poison (New Delhi)1066 or 011-1066
Disaster Management011-26701728-1078
Earthquake / Flood / Disaster (N.D.R.F)011-24-363-260
Missing Child and Women1094
Railway Enquiry139
Senior Citizen Helpline1091 or 1291
Railway Accident Emergency Service1072
Road Accident Emergency Service1073
Road Accident Emergency Service on National Highway (Private Operators)1033
ORBO Centre, AIIMS (For Donation Of Organ) Delhi1060
Call Centre1551
Relief Commissioner for Natural Calamities1070
Children In Difficult Situations1098
Central Vigilance Commission1964
Tourist Helpline1363 or 1800111363
LPG Leak Helpline1906


In conclusion, the 108 Ambulance Service in India was initiated by Satyam Babu Kandula and his family in 2005. It has been done by the Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI). Their vision and commitment to integrating emergency services have transformed healthcare response. This has saved countless lives. The establishment of 108 was the best step as a crucial component of India’s emergency medical infrastructure. Also, GoAid Ambulance Services also provides the best private & concessional ambulances in India. If you are using GoAid Mobile App, then you can also book Free Private Ambulance Services in India.

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