Top 10 Ambulance Services in India

top 10 ambulance services in india

Now, India has become the fastest-growing economy in the world & the fastest-growing economies always need the fastest-growing development inside the country. That shows that when a country grows it also needs the best medical transportation & logistics infrastructure. This is why, In India, people who look for the best Ambulance Services in India, try to search for the Top 10 Ambulance Services in India.
However, it’s now easy to find the Top 10 Ambulance Services in India. It requires the best research about the medication & prompt specification of each hospital in India. This is why, we have done it successfully and also added Top Ambulances in India 2023-2024. If you are also looking for the Top 10 Ambulance Services in India, then this blog will be your last step.

Top 10 Ambulance Services in India

Below in this blog, we have listed the Best ambulance services in India. You can look for their specifications & the facilities that they provide. Also, all of these ambulance services can be found all over India. Services
1GoAid Ambulance Service
2ZHL (Ziqitza Healthcare Limited)
3GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute (GVK EMRI)
5Life Squad
6Ambulance Services in Delhi (ASD)
8Air Ambulance India
9Moksha Ambulance Services
10SRL Diagnostics

1. GoAid Ambulance Service: Best ambulance service in India

Established in September 2018, GoAid Ambulance Service swiftly emerged as a lifeline, covering 10 major Indian cities. Offering a diverse range of ambulance services, including air, normal, ICU, dead body mortuary, freezer box, dead body freezer box on rent, and train ambulance, GoAid provides comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Notably, their 10-minute arrival guarantee sets a standard for swift responses, and users can easily book services through the app or a phone call. This commitment to efficiency, combined with a wide array of specialized services, positions GoAid as a versatile and reliable healthcare partner meeting various medical needs across diverse communities in India.

2. ZHL (Ziqitza Healthcare Limited): Ambulance service provider

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited (ZHL), a trailblazer in emergency medical services, has been a beacon of hope since its establishment. Operating across India, ZHL provides a spectrum of ambulance services, from basic to advanced life support. Their fleet, equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities, exemplifies a commitment to prompt and efficient healthcare.

With a focus on technology, training, and community outreach, ZHL ensures not only timely responses but also lifesaving interventions. From remote areas to bustling cities, ZHL stands as a crucial link in the healthcare chain, delivering quality services where they are needed most.

3. GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute (GVK EMRI):

GVK EMRI stands at the forefront of emergency medical services, revolutionizing healthcare across India. Founded with a mission to provide timely and efficient emergency response, GVK EMRI operates state-of-the-art ambulances equipped with advanced medical equipment.

Covering a wide range of medical emergencies, from accidents to critical health crises, GVK EMRI’s fleet is staffed by well-trained paramedics and healthcare professionals. The institute’s commitment to research and community outreach underscores its holistic approach to emergency management, ensuring that quality healthcare reaches those in need promptly.

4. StanPlus: Ambulance Service in India

StanPlus, a dynamic player in the ambulance service sector, brings innovation and efficiency to medical transportation. With a focus on providing reliable and technology-driven services, StanPlus offers various ambulance options, including basic, advanced, and critical care. The platform leverages technology to connect users with nearby ambulance services promptly, ensuring a swift response during medical emergencies.

StanPlus’s commitment to transparency, professionalism, and user-friendly interfaces makes it a go-to choice for individuals seeking efficient and accessible ambulance services. In leveraging modern technology, StanPlus contributes significantly to the evolving landscape of emergency medical transportation in India.

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5. Life Squad: 24/7 Ambulance services

Life Squad emerges as a vital player in India’s ambulance services sector, standing out for its commitment to swift and effective emergency medical care. With a focus on providing advanced life support and critical care services, Life Squad’s ambulances are equipped with cutting-edge medical technology. The highly trained medical professionals on board ensure timely and skilled interventions during medical crises. Life Squad’s dedication to excellence, coupled with a patient-centric approach, positions it as a reliable partner in delivering comprehensive and efficient healthcare solutions during times of urgency.

6. Ambulance Services in Delhi (ASD): Ambulance service provider

Ambulance Services in Delhi (ASD) plays a pivotal role in the bustling capital’s healthcare infrastructure, offering a diverse range of ambulance services. Committed to serving the dynamic needs of the city, ASD provides timely and reliable medical transportation.

With a fleet that includes basic life support and advanced life support vehicles, ASD caters to a spectrum of medical emergencies. The service’s strategic presence in Delhi underscores its responsiveness to the healthcare needs of the densely populated and rapidly growing metropolitan area, making it a crucial component of the city’s emergency medical services.

7. MUrgency: Affordable ambulance service providers

MUrgency, a dynamic player in emergency medical services, has revolutionized the landscape with its innovative approach. Leveraging technology, MUrgency provides a platform that connects users with nearby emergency medical services swiftly. Specializing in rapid ambulance dispatch, MUrgency ensures timely responses to medical emergencies.

The platform’s user-friendly app facilitates easy booking and real-time tracking of ambulances. MUrgency’s commitment to harnessing technology for efficient healthcare delivery positions it as a modern and accessible solution, catering to the urgent medical needs of individuals across various locations in India.

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8. Air Ambulance India: Top ambulance services

Air Ambulance India takes emergency medical transportation to new heights, providing critical care services via air. Specializing in aeromedical evacuation, the service ensures swift and efficient transfer of patients, particularly in cases of long-distance or remote medical emergencies.

Equipped with advanced life support systems, Air Ambulance India’s aircraft are staffed by experienced medical professionals, ensuring the highest standards of care during transit. The service’s capability to reach remote areas swiftly and provide rapid patient transport underscores its crucial role in offering timely and specialized medical assistance, especially in critical and time-sensitive situations.

9. Moksha Ambulance Services:

Moksha Ambulance Services stands as a reliable healthcare partner, offering a range of ambulance services designed to meet diverse medical needs. Whether it’s providing basic life support, critical care, or mortuary services, Moksha Ambulance Services ensures prompt and compassionate assistance.

With a commitment to professionalism and equipped with well-maintained vehicles and trained medical personnel, the service strives to deliver quality care during medical emergencies. Moksha Ambulance Services plays a vital role in the healthcare ecosystem, addressing the urgency of patient transportation with a focus on efficiency and empathy.

10. SRL Diagnostics (for ambulance with medical support):

SRL Diagnostics, known for its excellence in diagnostic services, extends its commitment to healthcare by offering ambulances with medical support. Going beyond laboratory services, SRL Diagnostics ensures a continuum of care by providing safe and efficient patient transportation.

These ambulances, equipped with medical facilities and staffed by trained professionals, cater to the need for secure and monitored transit during critical health situations. SRL Diagnostics’ foray into ambulance services complements its dedication to comprehensive healthcare solutions, ensuring that patients receive seamless support from diagnosis to safe transportation when needed the most.

Conclusion: Top 10 Ambulance Services in India

In the diverse landscape of emergency medical services in India, the top 10 ambulance service providers stand as pillars of swift, efficient, and compassionate healthcare. In our Previous Blog, we have listed some of the Top 10 Ambulance Service in Mumbai & Top 10 Ambulance Services in Gurugram. This Top Ambulance service in India is a fine mixture of them.

Whether by land or air, these services, including traditional providers like GoAid, GVK EMRI, and emerging players like StanPlus, collectively form a vital network, responding to emergencies with urgency and dedication. Together, they epitomize the evolving face of healthcare, delivering prompt and reliable services to communities across the nation.

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