Ambulance Service in Delhi NCR

GoAid Ambulance Service Delhi- In the battle of life and death, GoAid can be your saviour (Sarthi), like Krishna ji.

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Ambulance Service in Delhi NCR

GoAid’s most popular Ambulance Services

Get ambulance help in just 10min at your location


Ambulance Service in Delhi

Ambulance Service - Patient have non emergency situation ,shifted Door to Door Learn more

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Oxygen Ambulance Service in Delhi

Oxygen Ambulance Service in Delhi

Oxygen Ambulance Service - Patient shift with full oxygen facility, Door to Door Learn more

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ICU | Ventilator Ambulance Service

ICU Ventilator Ambulance in Delhi

Get ICU ambulance service at Delhi in just 10 minutes. Our ambulance is always standing near by you. Ambulance App in Gurugram Learn more

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Dead Body Ambulance service

Dead Body Ambulance Mortuary Van in Delhi

Dead Body Freezer Box Ambulance, Door to Door transport Learn more

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Air Ambulance in Delhi NCR

Air Ambulance Service in Delhi

We transfer patients from Bed to Bed by Air Ambulance Delhi Learn more

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Dead Body Freezer Box on Hire

Dead Body Freezer Box on Hire in Delhi NCR

The GoAid Dead Body Freezer box is used to store your loved one. “We understand the pain of loss, “we know we can’t make your pain go away, but we want you to know we are here with a shoulder or anything else you need.” Learn more

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The GoAid platform was built with safety in mind. Through incident prevention tools, insurance coverage, highly professional team and technology that keeps you connected, we’re dedicated to helping you move safely and focus on what matters most.


Our Safety Standard

Powered by GoAid’s innovative technology, encouraging shared responsibility, and including guidance from our experts, these new measures are designed to help protect the health and safety of everyone who uses our platform.


Our Door-to-Door Safety Standard

New measures to help keep you safe and healthy. Ambulance help in just 10min. At patient location


Face Cover Check

We ask drivers to take a photo of themselves before they can begin driving, and our technology helps verify that they are wearing a face cover and all technical inspection.


In this together

All patients, attended and drivers must wear a face cover or mask when using GoAid ambulance.


Health and safety supplies for drivers

We are working to provide drivers and ambulance staff with health and safety supplies like masks, disinfectants, and gloves.


Expert-led guidance

We are working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to share safety tips and resources.


Ride Safety Feedback

You’ll now be able to leave feedback on health issues, such as a driver not wearing a face cover or a mask, technical facility. This helps us improve and holds everyone accountable.


Emergency assistance button

You can use the in-app emergency button to call and get help if you need it. The app displays your location and trip details, so you can quickly share them with authorities.


24/7 incident support

Our customer support team is specially trained to respond to urgent safety issues.


Share My Trip

Set up your Trusted Contacts and create reminders to share your trip status with friends and family in real time.


2-way ratings

Your feedback matters. Low-rated trips are logged, and users may be removed.


GPS tracking

All rides on the Uber platform are tracked by GPS.


Phone number anonymization

The app makes phone numbers anonymous, so your personal information stays private.