Ambulance Number in Mumbai: Your Lifeline in Times of Crisis

Ambulance Number in Mumbai

In Mumbai, where people don’t even sleep at night & we call it a city that never sleeps, having a medical emergency is not a big thing, but not having an Ambulance Number in Mumbai on which you can rely, is a messed up thing.

This is why, in this blog, we have added complete details about Ambulance Number Mumbai & how to book the Best Ambulance Service in Mumbai. We have also provided you with the medical emergency helpline number in Mumbai. If you are excited to know about all these, then read our blog to the very end. 

So, let’s start:

Details about the Mumbai Ambulance Number

In the busiest city of Mumbai, where every second counts in an emergency, having access to reliable ambulance services is crucial. Mumbai offers a range of ambulance numbers catering to diverse needs. For government assistance, the trusted helplines are 108 and 102, ensuring prompt response and skilled medical care. 

On the private front, millions rely on the dedicated service provided by GoAid Ambulance Service with the hotline number 8008280020. GoAid has earned the trust of the populace, offering swift and efficient assistance during critical times. Whether it’s a medical emergency or the need for urgent transportation, knowing the Mumbai ambulance numbers provides residents with a lifeline in times of crisis.

Top Ambulance Number Mumbai

When it comes to trusting the top ambulance services, you can rely on either Public Ambulance Services or Private Ambulance Services. For the Public Ambulance Services, these two are considered the Top Ambulance Numbers in Mumbai:

Top Public Ambulance Number in Mumbai:

  • 102: This emergency helpline number connects you to the public ambulance service in Mumbai, ensuring swift response and proficient medical assistance during emergencies.
  • 108: Another trusted helpline number for accessing public ambulance services in Mumbai, offering timely and reliable assistance in critical situations.

Best Private Ambulance Number Mumbai

When it comes to trusting private ambulance services, Mumbaikars turn to GoAid Ambulance Services, which offers the Best & Affordable Ambulance Service in Mumbai. This is the Top Private Ambulance Number in Mumbai:

  • 8008280020

GoAid Ambulance Services stands out for its excellence in providing swift, reliable, and affordable ambulance services in Mumbai. 

Here are a few features of GoAid’s number:

  1. 24/7 Availability: GoAid’s helpline is operational round-the-clock, ensuring assistance anytime, anywhere in Mumbai.
  2. Fast Response Time: GoAid prioritizes swift responses in just 10 minutes by guaranteeing that help reaches you within 10 minutes of your call.
  3. Skilled Medical Personnel: Trained professionals accompany every ambulance, providing expert medical care en route to the hospital.
  4. Well-equipped Ambulances: GoAid’s fleet is equipped with modern medical equipment to cater to various emergency medical needs.
  5. Affordable Services: Despite offering top-notch services, GoAid maintains affordability, ensuring access to quality care for all.
  6. GPS Tracking: GoAid’s ambulances are equipped with GPS tracking systems, enabling precise location monitoring for faster dispatch.
  7. Multilingual Support: GoAid’s helpline offers assistance in multiple languages, ensuring clear communication and understanding during emergencies.
  8. Compassionate Care: GoAid’s team prioritizes empathy and compassion, ensuring a comforting experience during distressing times.
  9. Event Coverage: GoAid provides ambulance services for events, ensuring the safety and well-being of participants and attendees.
  10. Seamless Coordination: GoAid collaborates seamlessly with hospitals and emergency services, ensuring smooth transitions for patients in need of medical attention.

Free Ambulance Number Mumbai

In Mumbai, both 102 and 108 offer free ambulance services, ensuring timely and cost-free medical assistance during emergencies. However, GoAid Ambulance Services goes above and beyond, introducing a unique scheme for pregnant women. Under this scheme, if a woman utilizes GoAid’s ambulance services for childbirth and delivers a girl child, she will receive a full refund of the service charges. 

This initiative not only promotes access to quality healthcare but also empowers women, offering financial support during a momentous occasion. Trust GoAid Ambulance Services for compassionate care and innovative initiatives in Mumbai’s healthcare landscape.

How to Book the Best Ambulance Service in Mumbai

In Mumbai, when it comes to top-notch ambulance services, GoAid has become synonymous with excellence. Booking GoAid Ambulance Services is a seamless process designed for your convenience. Here’s how to book:

  1. Call or Use the App: Dial 8008280020 to reach GoAid directly, or download the GoAid app for easy access.
  2. Register and Login: If using the app, register and log in to your account.
  3. Select Ambulance: Choose the type of ambulance that caters to your specific needs from the app’s interface.
  4. Inform Booking Officer: If booking via phone call, inform the ambulance booking officer of your requirements. They will select the best ambulance for you.
  5. Confirm Booking: Confirm the booking with the officer or on the app.
  6. Ambulance Arrival: The selected ambulance will arrive at your location promptly.
  7. Transport to Hospital: Receive professional transportation to your designated hospital.
  8. Payment: Pay for the ambulance service through the app or to the ambulance crew upon arrival.

With GoAid Ambulance Services, booking the best ambulance service in Mumbai is hassle-free and ensures timely medical assistance during critical moments. Trust GoAid for reliable and efficient healthcare transportation solutions.


In Conclusion, having the Best Ambulance Number in Mumbai on your mobile or contact list is just a bit of relief. If you are looking for an Ambulance Number in Mumbai on which you can rely freely, then you can choose to read this blog for extensive information.

We have added information about both Public and Private Ambulance numbers in Mumbai that you can rely on, if you have any questions or misconceptions about anything related to the Emergency helpline number in Mumbai, then the comment box is always open for you. Just write down your query and we will ensure that your query gets answered so you can have the best Ambulance Number in Mumbai.

Thank You. 

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