Introduction to Delhi Helpline Numbers

Delhi Healpline Numbers

Are you looking for Helpline numbers in Delhi?  At GoAid, we are serving people with the best ambulances on the ground and the best information on our blogs &  Today, we are going to provide you with a complete list of details about Delhi Helpline numbers. 

If you live in Delhi, knowing about Delhi Helpline Numbers may help you in different kinds of emergencies. This is why having a List of Delhi Helpline Numbers is crucial for Delhites. For this reason, we have added a complete list of Delhi Helpline numbers in this blog today

So, let’s start:

Details about Delhi Helpline Numbers

We have added complete details about Helpline Numbers in Delhi Below:

Helpline CategoryHelpline Number
Police112 or 100
Ambulance ( Government )102 or 108
Ambulance ( Private )8008280020
Fire 101
Women Helpline 1091
Women Helpline ( Domestic Abuse )181

What are Delhi Helpline Numbers? – Helpline Numbers in Delhi

Helpline Numbers in Delhi is a set of contact numbers established to provide immediate assistance and support to residents and visitors in Delhi, India. These numbers cover a wide range of emergency and non-emergency services, including police, medical, women’s safety, child protection, senior citizen support, COVID-19 assistance, transportation, utilities, mental health, and legal aid. 

They serve as vital resources for individuals facing crises, requiring medical attention, or seeking guidance on various issues. These helplines aim to ensure the safety, well-being, and accessibility of essential services for the people of Delhi in times of need.

Delhi Helpline Numbers for Ambulance

In times of medical emergencies, swift assistance is crucial. Delhi provides both government and private ambulance services to ensure timely aid.

Government Ambulances:

  • 102: Swift emergency response for immediate medical transportation.
  • 108: Dedicated helpline for urgent medical assistance, ensuring rapid ambulance dispatch.

Private Ambulance:

  • For exemplary service, contact GoAid Ambulance Service at 8008280020. Their well-equipped vehicles and professional staff ensure reliable and efficient medical care.

Emergency Helpline Numbers in Delhi

In urgent situations, having access to the right helpline can make all the difference. Delhi offers a comprehensive array of emergency helpline numbers in Delhi to swiftly address various crises and ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

1. Police:

Dial 100 for immediate assistance from the Delhi Police in cases of crime, accidents, or any other law enforcement matters.

2. Ambulance (Government):

For medical emergencies requiring urgent transportation to hospitals, dial 102 or 108 to summon government ambulances promptly.

3. Ambulance (Private):

In Delhi, if you are looking for the best private ambulance services, then you’d be glad to know that GoAid Ambulance Services are offering the best private ambulance services in Delhi & you can book your ambulance by dialing 80082-80020.

4. Fire:

In the event of a fire or any other related emergency, call 101 to reach the fire department for rapid response and assistance.

5. Women’s Safety:

Delhi Police Women’s Helpline: Dial 1091 for support and assistance related to women’s safety and security issues.

6. Child Protection:

Child Helpline: Dial 1098 to report instances of child abuse, exploitation, or any other emergencies involving children.

7. Senior Citizens:

Senior Citizen Helpline: Dial 1291 for specialized assistance and support services catering to the needs of senior citizens.

8. COVID-19 Assistance:

Delhi Government COVID-19 Helpline: Call 1031 for guidance, support, and information related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact.

9. Transportation:

Delhi Traffic Police Helpline: Dial 1095 for assistance regarding traffic-related emergencies, accidents, or road safety concerns.

10. Utilities:

Delhi Jal Board Helpline: Call 1916 for emergencies related to water supply or sewage issues.

BSES Delhi Helpline: Dial 19123 for immediate assistance regarding electricity-related emergencies.

11. Mental Health:

Sumaitri Helpline: Dial 011-23389090 for confidential support and counseling services for individuals facing mental health challenges.

Snehi Helpline: Call 011-65978181 for emotional support and guidance during difficult times.

12. Legal Aid:

Delhi State Legal Services Authority Helpline: Dial 1516 for legal assistance and guidance for those in need.

These are the key Emergency Helpline Numbers in Delhi. You can use these Helpline numbers in Delhi to get your emergency served with care & effectiveness. 

Other Delhi Helpline Number List

This is the comprehensive list of Helpline Numbers in Delhi:

Helpline CategoryHelpline Number
Corona (COVID-19) Helpline011-23978046 or 1075
Delhi COVID Helpline1031 or 011-22307145
COVID Helpline for Positive Patients1800-111-747
Centralized Helpline Number112
Disaster Management Helpline1077
Child Helpline1098
AIDS Helpline1097
Anti-Poison (New Delhi)1066
D.C. Police (Missing Person)1094, 23241210
Traffic Police1095, 25844444
Doorstep Delivery of Public Services1076
Noise Pollution Complaint NGMS155271
Water Helpline1916
Business/Taxation Helpline1800 4250 0025
Auto/Transport Deptt Helpline011-23958836
Tourism Enquiry Number011-24647005
Youth Helpline (Counselling)180011688, 10580
Anti Corruption Helpline1031
Mob-Lynching Helpline155270
Mosquito Menace-WhatsApp Helpline7827505635
Goodmans Rescue Ambulance Service (G.K Delhi)+919810012126
GoAid Ambulance9015908908
Dial4242 Ambulance18002664242
Central District23261377, 25737951, Ext. 7401
North District23937012, 23962201
South District26857726, 26852588, 26482871, Ext. 4441
South-West District26152626, 26152781
East District22305577
North-West District27229835, 27234646, Ext. 5701
North-East District22825655, 22826937
West District25447100, 25458369, Ext. 4222
New Delhi District23344452
Disaster Management Control Centre (NDMA)1078 or 011-26701700
Centralized Helpline (Delhi)1077
Disaster Management Control Centre (Nehru Place)011-26445230
Disaster Management Control Centre (Laxmi Nagar)011-22417747
Disaster Management Control Centre (Rohini)011-27561777
General Enquiry (Indian Railways)139
Flight Related Information (New Delhi Airport)011-61234567
Customer Care (New Delhi Airport)0124-3376000
Customer Care (New Delhi Airport)0124-4797300
D.T.C Enquiry (Tourist and Bus Service)23317600
Kashmiri Gate Terminus (I.S.B.T) (Tourist and Bus Service)23865181/23868836 Ext. : 217
Sarai Kale Khan Terminus (Tourist and Bus Service)24358343/8092
Anand Vihar Terminus (Tourist and Bus Service)22152431
Uttar Pradesh Roadways (Tourist and Bus Service)22149089
ITDC (Tourism Department)23719039, 23348745
Tourist Information Service (Tourism Department)1363, 1280
Tours Department (Tourism Department)23748115, 23748164/65
Delhi Metro Helpline155370
DMRC 24×7 Helpline155370,
DMRC Missing, Separated, Women, Child and Specially Abled Commuters Helpline011-23415480, 8800550490
CISF unit DMRC 24×7 Helpline155655
Snake Helpline1800118600

Conclusion: Delhi Helpline Number List

In conclusion, Delhi Helpline Numbers stand as indispensable resources ensuring swift assistance and safety for residents in diverse emergencies. From medical aid to law enforcement, these helplines offer a lifeline during critical moments. 

Hope you’ve got complete details about the Helpline Numbers in Delhi which you need the most. You can ask us to add more helpline numbers if we are missing them. Feel free to comment on your thoughts and other requirements that you think can make this blog much better. 

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