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Goaid Ambulance Services Patient Testimonials: There are hundreds of thousands of customers/patients served by GoAid till now. Many of them write about GoAid’s services and the experience that they had with us. We have added a few of the experiences & stories of those customers in which they are paying their gratitude to us.
This blog is fully dedicated to those customers who had a great experience with us and we have mentioned a few of those stories and gratitude as a testimonial for this blog. Through this blog, you’ll be able to learn about those conditions and situations in GoAid that can work seamlessly.
So, let’s start-

Testimonial-1: Meera Recalls that Moment when Calling GoAid Helped her to Save her Husband’s Life

It was a normal Saturday evening when I (45-year-old Anil Kumar, a diabetic patient), started experiencing severe chest pain and difficulties in breathing while at home. It was getting more and more painful, Anil knew he needed immediate medical help. His wife, Meera, was scared. She knows that every second is important. At that moment, she remembered GoAid Ambulance Service and dialed their emergency number.

From the moment Meera placed the call, the GoAid team sprang into action. The dispatcher calmly collected all the necessary information. They reassured Meera that help was on the way. Within 10 minutes, the GoAid ambulance arrived at their place.

The paramedics were very quick to understand Anil’s condition. They immediately provided him with oxygen. They administered the appropriate medication to stabilize his vitals. Their fast and calm behavior helped to alleviate the anxiety of both Anil and Meera.

As the ambulance made its way to the hospital, the paramedics kept a close eye on Anil. They continuously monitored his vitals and provided the care he needed. Their advanced medical equipment helped Anil receive the best possible care during transportation.

Meera rode in the ambulance with her husband. She was grateful for the compassion and support shown by the GoAid team. The paramedics took the time to explain every step of the process. They were answering Meera’s questions and easing her worries.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the GoAid team coordinated with the medical staff. They were ensuring a seamless transition for Anil’s care. The paramedics relayed all the necessary information and handed over Anil to the hospital team.

Anil was later diagnosed with a heart attack. After that, he underwent immediate treatment. The timely help and care provided by GoAid Ambulance Service became key in saving his life.

In the days that followed, Anil made a fast and steady recovery. Both he and Meera were filled with gratitude for the lifesaving services provided by GoAid. Meera recalls the experience with tears of joy. She emphasized the importance of having access to prompt and reliable emergency medical services.

Anil and Meera’s story is just one of many testimonials that highlight the important role played by GoAid Ambulance Service. GoAid’s commitment to providing fast, compassionate, and expert care during emergencies has made a lasting impact on the lives of many families.

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Testimonial-2: Ajay Saved Radha’s Life Just by Calling GoAid Immediately

It was the time of Late evening. At that time, Radha, who was 32 years old & mother of two, suddenly started experiencing severe stomach pain and nausea. She was too worried and tensed about her condition. Then her husband, Ajay, immediately booked an Ambulance from the GoAid Mobile Application in 30 seconds.

As soon as Ajay booked the ambulance from GoAid, the dispatcher calmly gathered all the necessary details by calling Ajay back instantly & assured him that an ambulance was on its way. The ambulance arrived in just 5 minutes, and the paramedics quickly understood Radha’s condition. They realized that her situation was too serious and needed immediate medical help.

The paramedics provided Radha with pain relief and helped with the necessary medication to stabilize her condition. During that entire transportation journey to the hospital, they continuously monitored her condition and provided comfort and reassurance to both Radha and Ajay.

The ambulance was equipped with advanced medical equipment. That was to ensure that Radha received the best possible care during transit. The GoAid team’s expertise and preparedness helped to save Radha’s life.

On reaching the hospital, the GoAid team coordinated with the hospital’s medical staff. They ensure a smooth handover of Radha’s care. They provided all the relevant information about radha. Also, they made sure that Radha was in good hands before leaving.

Radha was diagnosed with a serious case of food poisoning and received needed treatment at the hospital. She made a full recovery and was able to return home to her family within a few days.

Ajay and Radha are immensely grateful to GoAid Ambulance Service. They experienced the prompt response, professionalism, and care of GoAid Ambulance Service. Ajay shares their story with others, emphasizing the importance of having access to reliable emergency medical services like GoAid.

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Testimonial-3: Grand Son Saved Grandfather’s life by Reminding GoAid to the family

One early morning, Kishor (70 years old) experienced a sudden pain in his heart at his home. His family panicked and wasn’t able to decide what to do. Then one family member, Rajanish (15 year old, Grandson of Kishor) remembered GoAid Ambulance Service. The family immediately called GoAid for help.

The GoAid team responded fast. The ambulance which was equipped with necessary medical equipment, arrived within 10 minutes. The paramedics quickly understood what to do & got Kishore’s condition. They provide immediate care to stabilize Kishor during the Transportation period to the hospital.

Throughout the transit, the paramedics communicated with the hospital. They ensured a seamless handover of Kishor’s care upon arrival. The paramedic’s expertise and the advanced equipment on board helped to maintain Kishore’s stability.

Kishore received immediate treatment at the hospital, significantly improving his chances of recovery. The needed and efficient response by the GoAid Ambulance Service played an important role in his survival.

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