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Either it’s an Normal Day or any Organized Event, GoAid Ambulance Service is ready with its Ambulance for Events to serve you right.

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Our Other Medical Services

At GoAid, we offer a wide range of medical services to meet your needs. Our fleet of ambulances is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including mobile ICU installations and mini operation theaters, ensuring you receive the best care possible. We also offer surgery, lab tests, and medical room services, all with a commitment to a 10-minute arrival time.

Over 50 Hospital Partners

GoAid is growing rapidly. There are more than 20 national level brands that have partnership with us. We ensure that each investment goes to the right place.

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Ambulance Services: GoAid offers a range of ambulance services to cater to your needs, including regular ambulance service, oxygen-equipped ambulances, and specialized dead body ambulance services. We ensure a timely and dignified transportation of your loved ones to their final resting place, with a focus on compassion and respect.

Hospital Partnerships: GoAid collaborates with hospitals to provide top-class ambulance services for patient transfers and emergencies. Our dedicated fleet of ambulances can be hired by hospitals to ensure reliable and efficient transport of patients, whether it’s for emergency care or routine transfers. We are working with 50+ hospitals till now.

Large Scale Public Gatherings Ambulance Service

Event Ambulance Services: GoAid provides ambulance services for events, ensuring the safety and well-being of all attendees. Our experienced team is equipped to handle medical emergencies on-site, providing immediate care and transport to the nearest medical facility if needed. We covers many events including Cricket, Seminars, Dance show, Concert and more.

GoAid Health Card: The GoAid Health Card is a Digital Health Card designed to cater to your health needs. It comes with ICICI Accidental Death Insurance, which covers ₹100,000 in case of accidental death. The card offers a range of benefits such as full body checkups, doctor consultations, and financial assistance of ₹9000 per week during bed rest.

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Need assistance or an ambulance service? Contact GoAid at 9015908908, send us an email at support@goaid.in, or use our mobile app for quick booking. We’re here to provide quality medical care when you need it most. Reach out to us, and we’ll ensure you get the help you need, promptly and efficiently.


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Sajid RarSajid Rar
06:06 14 Oct 23
Good ambulance service
Sk KhanSk Khan
03:53 14 Oct 23
Great experience with goaid ambulance.... highly recommended
gajanand Meenagajanand Meena
15:02 12 Oct 23
Really genuine ambulance service provider I have used today from Max saket to sms hospital jaipur icu ambulance for my grand maa transfer ,,,, highly recommended nd thank u Dr rahul
Sunil BansalSunil Bansal
04:51 24 Aug 23
Good supportive staff n Dr. Anant was really helpful in handling patient
Neha RaghavNeha Raghav
07:27 20 Jul 23
I'm grateful to GoAid for their 24/7 ambulance service in Delhi. They were quick to respond and provided the necessary medical attention en route to the hospital.
anuu's channelanuu's channel
07:27 20 Jul 23
GoAid's ambulance service in Delhi is top-notch. They have well-equipped vehicles and experienced staff who provide quick and efficient medical assistance.
simran bhartisimran bharti
07:23 20 Jul 23
GoAid's ambulance service in Delhi exceeded my expectations. The team was knowledgeable, caring, and quick to respond. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
sudha kalyanisudha kalyani
17:58 22 Apr 23
Excellent service and truly professional! We are very happy for your service that you provided us with land ambulance from Delhi airport to Lucknow with best medical staff! Well done and keep up the good work 🙏🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

What Sets Us Apart

GoAid stands out with unique offerings like our On-Board Doctor service, On-Ambulance Surgery, and more.


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At GoAid, individuals can easily hire a personal ambulance for their needs.


We assist hospitals in hiring ambulances without the need for ownership.


GoAid is progressing towards partnerships with corporate entities.


GoAid is officially recognized and approved by the Government of India, offering services at approved, affordable rates.

Partner with Us

Partner with GoAid and join our mission to provide top-notch ambulance services and medical care. Whether you’re a hospital, corporate entity, or an individual, we offer a range of partnership opportunities. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need of emergency medical assistance. Let’s collaborate and make an impact!

FAQ's Ambulence Services

Contact our dedicated Ambulance Service Phone Number (+91-9015908908) to access immediate assistance from GoAid’s reliable ambulance services.

GoAid provides AC ambulances equipped with temperature control systems, ensuring comfortable and safe transportation for patients in need.

Yes, GoAid offers 24/7 ambulance services to ensure round-the-clock availability and immediate assistance during medical emergencies.

GoAid’s fast response time ensures that our ambulances reach your location promptly, providing timely medical care within 15 minutes of your call.

GoAid offers a range of ambulance services near you, including normal ambulances, oxygen ambulances, ICU ventilator ambulances, and specialized services for critical care, cardiac arrest response, COVID-19 care, and more.

GoAid strives to provide affordable ambulance services without compromising on quality. We have added the list of all types of ambulance services with their related cost.

GoAid’s ambulances are equipped with a wide range of medical equipment, including oxygen supplies, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, stretchers, and other essential devices to provide comprehensive care during transportation.

Yes, GoAid’s specialized ambulance services cater to patients with various medical needs, including those requiring critical care, oxygen supply, or specific medical equipment during transportation.

Contact our Ambulance Service Phone Number (+91-9015908908), and our team will assist you in finding the nearest available ambulance service based on your location.


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