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We understand the importance of safety and preparedness at public events. That’s why we offer specialized ambulance services. These specialized ambulances meet the needs of various events.

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24/7 Ambulance for Event

GoAid Ambulance Service is committed to providing 24/7 ambulance services for events. With our this service, we ensures that medical assistance is always available to you all the time. Our fleet of fully-equipped ambulances is ready to serve you anytime. We are ready to providing rapid transport to hospitals and quality medical care on the spot.

With GoAid, you can have peace of mind knowing that trained medical professionals are there for you. Whether it’s a concert, sports event, or community gathering, GoAid’s 24/7 ambulance service offers the reliability and efficiency that you need.

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Types of Event Ambulance Service in India

In India, Event Ambulance Services play a crucial role for Public Safety. They ensures the safety and well-being of participants. This also ensures the well-being of attendees at various events across India. GoAid is committed to provide medical support and emergency response capabilities.

Here are few types of event ambulance services in India where GoAid provide their Ambulance Services:

Concert Ambulance Service

Concert Ambulance Service

Concerts often draw large crowds, and the risk of medical emergencies is high. There are many factors such as heat, dehydration, and crowd-related injuries that raise the requirement of ambulances. GoAid provide their best of equipped ambulances at Concerts or Large gathering events.

Sports Event Ambulance Service

Sports Event Ambulance Service

Sporting events are physically demanding events. These events may include marathons, football, cricket (largely organized sport event in India), Hockey, Basket Ball and many more. GoAid provide their best of equipped ambulances at all types of Sports events in India.

Cultural and Religious Event Ambulance Service

Cultural and Religious Event Ambulance Service

Cultural and religious events Can gather a lot of people. Any type of gathering can generate medical emergency. We have experts who are handy to handling any medical emergencies in any gathering. These gathering may include festivals and processions & we cover it all.

Corporate Event Ambulance Service

Corporate Event Ambulance Service

GoAid also provide their event ambulance services at Corporate Events. Corporate events may include conferences, seminars, and trade shows. These events also generate healthy gatherings, which require medical support to handle any health-related issues that may arise among attendees.

Large Scale Public Gatherings Ambulance Service

Large Scale Public Gatherings Ambulance

Large Scale Public gatherings may include rallies, demonstrations, and political events. These events generate a very large scale of public gatherings. GoAid also covers it.

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Additional Values

Ambulance Subscription: At GoAid, we understand the importance of being prepared for emergencies. This is why we offer an ambulance subscription service. This subscription services allows individuals, families, and organizations to pre-book ambulances for a set period.

Ambulance On Site: For events, gatherings, or situations, we provide an ambulance on-site service. On these places, immediate medical attention is crucial & we know it.

Medical Room: GoAid goes beyond traditional ambulance services. We do it by offering the setup of a medical room at your event or premises. These medical rooms are dedicated spaces. These rooms are equipped with essential medical supplies.

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GoAid Covers a large numbers of events. We have listed all of them in this list.