Dead Body Freezer Box Service On Hire: Complete Guide

Dead Body Freezer Box Service on Hire

In India, the last rites of any family member may take much longer time. Also, transportation of the deceased to their last rite point may take more than 24-48 hours sometimes. For this reason, people need a transportation method which also capable of ensuring the wellness of the Deceased Body.
This is why, there is a precisely maintained ambulance available for that. This type of ambulance is generally known as Dead Body Freezer Boxes or Dead Body Freezer Ambulance services.

Now, there are very few people who are aware of the booking process of Dead Body Freezer Box On Hire / Rent. This is why, in this blog, we have provided you with a detailed process of booking of Dead Body Freezer Box On Hire. After reading this blog, you’ll be able to learn a seamless & smooth booking process for Dead Body Freezer Box On Rent.
So, let’s start-

What is a Dead Body Freezer Box Service?

A Dead Body Freezer Box Service is a specialized ambulance service designed for the dignified and respectful transportation of deceased individuals. This service involves the use of a freezer box that maintains a controlled temperature, preserving the body during transit.

It ensures the integrity of the deceased for an extended period, especially during longer journeys or when additional time is needed before final arrangements. The Dead Body Freezer Box Ambulance Service plays a crucial role in providing families with the necessary time and flexibility to make funeral arrangements, ensuring the deceased is transported with care and respect.

Importance of Dead Body Freezer Box Service – Why Dead Body Freezer Box Service On Hire Crucial

Nowadays, Dead Body Freezer Box On Rent Services are very helpful for everyone. These kinds of ambulance services or Renting Dead Body Freezer Box Services have many advantages and key importance on human life. We have listed some of them below:

1. Preserving Bodies for Extended Time

Dead body ambulances are used to preserve bodies for an extended time, allowing families the necessary duration to make funeral arrangements and decisions.

2. Maintaining Dignity and Integrity

The service maintains the dignity and integrity of the deceased during transportation, ensuring a respectful journey.

3. Facilitating Distant Transfers

For distant transfers, dead body freezer boxes become indispensable, preventing deterioration during the journey.

4. Flexibility in Funeral Planning

Families benefit from the flexibility in funeral planning, as the service grants additional time for making arrangements and decisions.

5. Adapting to Cultural Practices

Dead body freezer box services accommodate various cultural practices that may require a longer duration before final rites.

6. Ensuring Hygienic Transport

The controlled temperature in freezer boxes ensures hygienic transportation, mitigating any concerns related to decay or unpleasant odors.

7. Meeting Legal and Regulatory Requirements

It helps meet legal and regulatory requirements, especially in cases requiring additional time for investigations or official procedures.

8. Offering Emotional Support to Families

Families receive emotional support as the service allows them the necessary time to cope with the loss before the final farewell.

9. Preventing Decomposition

Dead body freezer boxes prevent decomposition during transportation, preserving the body’s condition until it reaches its destination.

10. Enhancing Overall Funeral Experience

By preserving the body for an extended period, dead body freezer box services contribute to an enhanced overall funeral experience, allowing for more thoughtful and well-planned ceremonies.

How to Hire Dead Body Freezer Box Service On Rent

Hiring a Dead Body Freezer Box Service On Hire may be challenging and you may need to face some scammy service providers. However, we have listed some steps through which you can hire a real Dead Body Freezer Box service:

1. Contact a Reliable Provider

You can Initiate the process by contacting a reliable ambulance service provider offering Dead Body Freezer Box Services.

2. Inquire about Availability

Inquire about the availability of the service, ensuring it aligns with your required date and time.

3. Discuss Service Details

Engage in a detailed discussion about the service, including the duration of preservation, transportation protocols, and any specific requirements.

4. Understand Pricing Structure

Gain a clear understanding of the pricing structure, including any additional costs or cost of dead body freezer box

5. Verify Licensing and Certification

Verify that the ambulance service provider holds the necessary licenses and certifications to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

6. Confirm Destination and Route

Confirm the destination and the route the ambulance will take, addressing any concerns or preferences you may have.

7. Discuss Documentation Requirements

Inquire about any documentation requirements, ensuring you have the necessary paperwork for a smooth process.

8. Arrange for Necessary Permits

If required, work with the provider to arrange for any necessary permits, especially for inter-state transportation.

9. Coordinate with Funeral Services

If applicable, coordinate with funeral services at both the departure and arrival locations to ensure a seamless transition.

10. Ensure 24/7 Accessibility

Choose a provider that offers 24/7 accessibility, ensuring you can avail of the service whenever the need arises, even in emergencies.

Best Dead Body Freezer Box On Hire Services

There are many companies or service providers who provide the best Dead Body Freezer Box On Hire services. However, we have listed 5 companies that are known as the best service providers in Asia:

1. GoAid Ambulance Services

GoAid Ambulance Service stands out as a premier provider, offering reliable Dead Body Freezer Box On Hire Services. With a commitment to dignity and professionalism, GoAid ensures a seamless and respectful transportation experience.

2. Eternal Care Ambulance Services

Recognized for its compassionate approach, Eternal Care provides Dead Body Freezer Box On Hire Services with a focus on preserving the dignity and integrity of the deceased during transit.

3. Angel Wings Mortuary Transport

Angel Wings is known for its efficient and sensitive handling of deceased individuals, providing reliable Dead Body Freezer Box On Hire Services for families seeking a respectful journey.

4. Peaceful Passage Ambulance

Peaceful Passage is esteemed for its commitment to providing peace of mind during difficult times, offering Dead Body Freezer Box On Hire Services with a focus on preserving the deceased’s condition.

5. Tranquil Transfers Mortuary Services

Tranquil Transfers stands out for its expertise in ensuring a tranquil and respectful journey for the deceased, providing specialized Dead Body Freezer Box On Hire Services tailored to family needs.

While GoAid tops the list for its comprehensive and reliable services, these companies also prioritize the dignified and compassionate transportation of the deceased, offering families peace and support during challenging times.


In conclusion, selecting the best Dead Body Freezer Box On Rent Service is paramount during sensitive times, and GoAid Ambulance Services emerges as a distinguished choice. With a commitment to professionalism, dignity, and seamless transportation, GoAid prioritizes the respectful transfer of deceased individuals.

However, other reputable companies like Eternal Care, Angel Wings, Peaceful Passage, and Tranquil Transfers also contribute to this essential service, ensuring families find solace in the knowledge that their loved ones are treated with utmost care. Choosing a provider that prioritizes compassion and reliability ensures a dignified and tranquil passage for the departed, offering comfort to grieving families.

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