Cost of ambulance service in Mumbai: Complete Guide

Cost of ambulance service in Mumbai

If you are living in Mumbai & don’t know about the cost of medical transportation services, meaning the Cost of Ambulance Services in Mumbai, then it’s a matter of concern. Not only in Mumbai, but if you are living in any corner of the world, and if there is access to Ambulance Services or we can say medical emergency transportation services, then we should be aware of their rates and related prices depending on the types of available ambulances.

This is why, focusing on Mumbai, we have added complete details about the Cost of ambulance service in Mumbai. If you are also not aware of the Cost of ambulance service in Mumbai and want to know all the details about it, then read this blog to the end.

So, let’s start:

Cost of ambulance service in Mumbai Depending on Types of Ambulance Services

We have added the complete list of Mumbai Ambulance costs below:

Types of Ambulance ServicesPrice
Normal Ambulance Service 1500-3000
BLS Ambulance Service 2000-4000
ALS Ambulance Service 3000-6000
Air Ambulance Service 50,000-2,00,000
ICU Ventilator Ambulance Service 5000-8000
Oxygen Ambulance Service2500-4000
Water Ambulance Service5000-10,000
Event Ambulance Service2000-5000
Hospital Ambulance Service1000-2000
Mortuary Van Service2000-4000
Freezer Box Ambulance Service3000-5000
Surgery Ambulance Service10,000-20,000

What is the Cost of ambulance service in Mumbai?

The cost of ambulance service in Mumbai varies depending on factors such as the type of ambulance chosen, distance traveled, and level of medical care required. Generally, private ambulance services offer a range of prices, with basic services starting from approximately 1500-5000. 

Additional factors like time of day and specialized medical assistance may influence the final cost. It’s essential to research and compare providers to ensure affordability and quality of service during emergencies. Understanding the diverse cost factors helps individuals make informed decisions when seeking ambulance services in Mumbai.

Different types of Ambulance Services in Mumbai

These are the key types of Ambulance Services in Mumbai (Available):

  1. BLS Ambulance: Basic Life Support Ambulance Services in Mumbai are equipped with essential medical equipment. These are staffed by trained personnel to provide immediate care to non-critical patients during transport.
  2. ALS Ambulance: Advanced Life Support Ambulance Services in Mumbai do offer a higher level of medical care, with trained paramedics, and advanced medical equipment. Also, they offer medications to stabilize and treat critically ill or injured patients en route to the hospital.
  3. Normal Ambulance: Standard Ambulance Services in Mumbai provide transportation for patients requiring medical attention. With it, they do offer basic medical supplies and trained staff for non-emergency situations.
  4. Air Ambulance: Utilizing helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft, Air Ambulance Services in Mumbai provide rapid transport for critically ill or injured patients over long distances or to inaccessible areas, ensuring swift access to specialized medical care.
  5. ICU Ventilator Ambulance: The ICU ventilator Ambulance Services in Mumbai, are equipped with intensive care unit facilities. These facilities include the ventilators and advanced monitoring equipment. These are equipped to provide life-sustaining treatment for critically ill patients during transport.
  6. Oxygen Ambulance: The Oxygen Ambulance Services in Mumbai are equipped with oxygen supply systems. They are dedicated to providing respiratory support for patients with breathing difficulties or respiratory emergencies.
  7. Water Ambulance: Operating on waterways, water Ambulance Services in Mumbai facilitate emergency transport in areas inaccessible by road. These operate particularly during floods or natural disasters, ensuring timely medical assistance to affected communities.
  8. Event Ambulance: Event Ambulance Services in Mumbai are stationed at public gatherings, sports events, or festivals. These ambulances are dedicated to providing immediate medical assistance to attendees in case of injuries or medical emergencies.
  9. Hospital Ambulance: Hospital Ambulance Services in Mumbai facilitate inter-hospital transfers or emergency admissions. With it, they ensure the seamless transportation of patients between medical facilities.
  10. Mortuary Van: Mortuary vans are specialized ambulances designed for the dignified transportation of deceased individuals. These are equipped with facilities for body preservation and transportation.
  11. Freezer Box Ambulance: These Ambulance Services in Mumbai are equipped with freezer boxes to preserve deceased bodies. With it, they are ensuring the proper handling and transportation during the post-mortem process.
  12. Surgery Ambulance: Surgery Ambulance Services in Mumbai are equipped with mobile surgical units and medical staff. This staff is capable of performing on-the-go surgical interventions during emergencies. With it, they ensure timely medical care to critically injured patients.

Factors Affecting Mumbai Ambulance Cost

We have added a few key factors, and depending upon them, the Cost of Ambulance Service in Delhi can fluctuate:

  1. Type of Ambulance: Different types of ambulances, such as basic life support (BLS), advanced life support (ALS), air ambulances, and specialized vehicles, have varying costs due to differences in equipment, staffing, and capabilities.
  1. Distance Travelled: Longer distances typically result in higher costs, as fuel and operational expenses increase with mileage.
  1. Level of Medical Care Needed: The severity of the patient’s condition and the level of medical care required during transport can impact the cost, with more complex cases necessitating higher-priced services.
  1. Time of Day: Ambulance services during peak hours or late-night emergencies may incur additional charges, reflecting increased demand and operational costs during these times.
  1. Type of Condition: Emergencies requiring specialized medical attention, such as critical care or trauma cases, may involve higher costs due to the need for advanced equipment and skilled medical personnel.
  1. Additional Medical Services: If specialized medical procedures or treatments are administered during transport, such as cardiac monitoring, IV therapy, or medication administration, the cost may increase accordingly.
  1. Specialized Equipment: Ambulances equipped with advanced medical equipment, such as ventilators, defibrillators, or advanced monitoring systems, may have higher base rates to cover the cost of equipment maintenance and operation.
  1. Emergency Response Time: Expedited response times, particularly for urgent or critical cases, may command premium pricing to cover the expenses associated with prioritized dispatch and rapid response.
  1. Insurance Coverage: The extent of insurance coverage, including health insurance policies or government-sponsored healthcare programs, can influence the out-of-pocket expenses for ambulance services, with some policies offering partial or full reimbursement for eligible services.
  1. Provider Type: Public ambulance services, such as government-operated or subsidized programs, may offer lower-cost or free services to residents, while private ambulance providers may have varying pricing structures based on service level, amenities, and operational costs.

Cost of Ambulance Service Mumbai to Outstation

S. No.Ambulance service Mumbai to OutstationDistanceApprox Cost
1. Ambulance Service Mumbai to UP1404KM34990-36560
2.Ambulance Service Mumbai to Bihar1794km45990-46990
3.Ambulance Service Mumbai to Pune148km5790-6020
4.Ambulance Service Mumbai to Gujrat612km18990-19660
5.Ambulance Service Mumbai to Surat283km11590-12890
6.Ambulance Service Mumbai to Ahmedabad522km17990-18990
7.Ambulance Service Mumbai to Delhi1461km36960-37990
8.Ambulance Service Mumbai to Rajasthan1140km28960-29690
9.Ambulance Service Mumbai to Kolkata1888km48690-49960
10.Ambulance Service Mumbai to West Bengal1874km47660-48990
11.Ambulance Service Mumbai to Tamilnadu1339km33490-34990
12.Ambulance Service Mumbai to Goa600km18990-19890


In Conclusion, we have provided you a comprehensive details about the cost of ambulance service in Mumbai. Now you can search for the ambulance service you need in Mumbai & find the Ambulance Service Cost in Mumbai through our this blog.

Even after reading our blog, if you raise any query or any misconception you think you are facing, then you can share this query with us and we will ensure that your query should be replied to in a few hours.

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