What is the ICU Ambulance Service?

ICU ambulance services

India is developing, and it is developing fast. Raising economies always need a robust medical infrastructure because when a country raises its living standards, it cares for its civilians more. In India, the need for ICU Ambulance Service is quite redundant. However, several people are not aware of this life-saving ambulance. After Knowing this, we […]

What is Dead Body Freezer Box Ambulance ?

dead body freezer box ambulance service

In India, the need for a Dead Body Freezer Box is consistently rising & the reason for this is the rising level of education and awareness about new technology and equipment among civilians. However, many people don’t have any idea about ‘What is dead body freezer box Ambulance’. This is why, in this blog, we […]

What is a Dead Body Ambulance Service?

dead body ambulance service

A dead body ambulance in India generally isn’t considered a good vehicle emotionally because it is used to transport loved ones. However, reasonably, this is a more prestigious and respected ambulance service too. But some people always get confused between Dead Body Ambulance Service and Dead Body Freezer Box Ambulance Service. These are two different […]