Health Card Privacy Policy

  1. The card remains valid for one year from the date of activation.
  2. ICICI Lombard will handle all insurance concerns and complaints. Customers can seek guidance from the GoAid Support team if needed.
  3. Healthians, our lab test partner, will address all lab test-related concerns and complaints. Customers can directly contact their helpline. GoAid Support team can provide assistance if required.
  4. Once sold, the card is non-returnable. However, customers can request returns or refunds within 7 days by contacting the GoAid Helpline or Email.
  5. The insurance policy will be sent to the customer’s email address. Customers without an email can obtain it through the GoAid team.
  6. Customers can refer to ICICI Lombard’s helpline number or the policy itself for information on terms and conditions, as well as the claim process.
  7. Customers eligible for the Weekly Compensation Benefit of the Accidental Policy must provide income proof or ITR files, along with necessary documents, as per ICICI Lombard’s terms and conditions.
  8. To avail of the LAB Test facility, customers need to inform GoAid customer support at least 48 hours in advance to ensure seamless service.
  9. For insurance and lab test-related issues, customers can directly contact the helpline number of the respective brands.
  10. Customers can renew their card by contacting the GoAid team’s customer support helpline at least 30 days before the expiry date.
  11. Digital cards will be provided by default. If a physical card is required, an additional fee of 150/- rupees, along with the membership fee, is applicable.
  12. Payment receipts will be sent via WhatsApp or email after the completion of payment.
  13. Customers will be informed in advance about any changes in the membership plan.
  14. GoAid reserves all rights and holds the authority to make any necessary changes.
  15. Customers can only access GoAid services in all locations where GoAid’s services are available. For a list of available locations, customers can visit the official GoAid website.
  16. In case of disputes, customers must first inform the GoAid support team through a written application at the provided address.
  17. All disputes must be appealed to the Jaipur jurisdiction civil court.